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Explore the return profile of lower middle market multifamily.

We are a boutique private equity real estate firm

Bringing institutional quality management to middle market assets

We define the lower middle market multifamily sector as apartment complexes between 20 - 150 units. Properties within this range have predominantly been managed by smaller, "mom and pop" operators.

Freedom Venture has identified many of these assets to be underperforming and as a result, specifically targets properties within this range. With less competition from institutional buyers, the team is able to negotiate attractive acquisition prices.
The Florida Gulf Coast region is the perfect market for this strategy to be implemented. It is underbuilt while demand continues to soar.

Lead in this strategy by CIO, Walter Novicki, the team leverages the relationships developed over the last 20 years of operating specifically in this market. These relationships drive growth and continue to fuel the Freedom Venture pipeline with direct to seller deals.

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Customized Solutions

Our team works from the top down to identify assets for your portfolio. We take the time to understand your needs before we even present an offering. If the minimum equity check is a challenge, we can customize creative solutions to package several assets into a product that enhances your portfolio.


Personal Attention

Work directly with the decision makers throughout our lasting partnership.


Work with real people, delivering real results. No ego and full transparency.


We have 20 + years of experience in the Florida Gulf Coast region.


Our metrics and reports are delivered timely in easy to process formats.


Our team is here to answer your questions when you need them.


Enjoy peace of mind investing alongside teams that have been through multiple economic cycles.

Experienced. Focused. Disciplined.

More than just another multifamily operator

It seems like operators all preach the same things these days. They make improvements, increase income, and decrease expenses. At our core, we do the same, but our team and the way we buy our assets set us apart from the rest. Over 20+ years of operating in the Gulf Coast region of Florida, we have figured out exactly who we are as a company and who we don't want to be.

We don't want to be another firm chasing the same assets in compressed cap rate markets as everyone else. It can be more labor intensive to tackle the nuances of the lower middle market multifamily sector and as a result, many investors stay away. They prefer to focus on larger equity checks, than underwriting a large number of deals that may never happen.

We still reach our equity check goals, yet we deploy into more assets and increase overall portfolio diversification. The smaller individual equity checks also mean that at disposition, we have a larger pool of interested buyers for our assets.


Real Estate Fund I

Fund I is a core plus fund that owns and operates multifamily properties. The Fund is designed to deliver stable income and appreciation over a 72 month hold period.


Direct Deals

Our direct deals typically will have more of a value add component than the deals inside the Fund. We look for 24 - 36 month exit plans with robust return profiles.


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